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Tel:81-3-5334-6055/Fax:81-3-5334-6056 Office hours: weekdays 9 a.m.~6 p.m.


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Company nameOhta Patent and Trademark Attorneys
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Tokyo Office
23-9, Honcho 1-chome, Nakano-ku, Tokyo, Japan 164-0012 NID bldg. 6F (Map)


Tokyo Office
Tel:81-3-5334-6055 / Fax:81-3-5334-6056
weekdays 9 a.m. ~ 6 p.m

Home page URLhttp://www.ohta-pat.jp
RepresentativeAkio Ohta
Patent Attorney Akio Ohta
Asako Ohta
Nobuhiro Ishizuka
Isamu Motoyama
Patent Engineer M.S
Administrative staff T.O(Accounting)
H.S(Domestic and foreign country)
Y.O(Domestic and foreign country)
T.H(Domestic and foreign country)
Professional Services
  • Patents, Utility models, Designs, Trademarks and service marks
  • Uncovering new ideas
  • Searches
  • Opinions
  • Licensing
  • Litigation
  • Translations

Handling Technology

Aerospace Engineering, Automotive Parts and Control Systems, Biological Sciences, Biotechnology, Business Methods, Chemical Engineering, Chemical Compounds and Processes, Communications Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Digital Imaging, Displays (e.g., OLED, LCD, plasma), E-Commerce, Electrical Engineering, Electromechanical Engineering, Electrophotography, General Engineering, Genetic Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Micro Electro Mechanical System, Optics, Pharmaceuticals, Photographic Technology, Photocopier Technology, Photoreceptors, Polymer Chemistry/Engineering, Printing Plates and Lithography, Radiation Chemistry, Robotics, Semiconductor Technology, Telecommunications, Vehicle Tire Design and Manufacturing

Map / Access

Tokyo Office

  • 5-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line Nakanosakaue Station

Member Profile

  • Mr. Akio Ohta

    Executive Director
    Patent Attorney
    B.Eng. Nagoya University, Metallic Engineering Dept.
  • Ms. Asako Ohta

    Executive Vice-Director
    Patent Attorney
    B.Eng. Chiba University, Chemical Engineering Dept.
  • Mr. Nobuhiro Ishizuka

    Executive Vice-Director
    Patent Attorney

    B.Eng. Tokyo University of Science, Mechanical Engineering Dept.

  • Mr. Isamu Motoyama

    Executive Vice-Director
    Patent Attorney

    B.Eng. Bachelor of Policy and Planning Sciences, University of Tsukuba.

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